A White Lace Gown or two!

Two Desparada Wines with a chocolate bar in a gift basket – $100

One White Lace Gown or two!

Desparada White Wedding

2014 ‘Fragment’
100% Sauvignon Blanc ~ Santa Barbara County
Fragment is dedication to the first spark of inspiration. That sudden moment of insight when the whole world recenters and you realize that this is the path that you’ve been after for so long. The wine gets its name from the shard-like quality of these moments: it is precise, whole unto itself yet points toward a larger unity.

“Oh Lord was it worth cashing in all the miles. 2 weeks and nothing but first class and the Four Seasons. Let them suffer through winter, you’re on the South Island, the flink-lock bluster will be there when you get back, for now your life is nothing but soften white Lily petals, Meyer lemon ice, coriander oil, oceanside quilts, fresh opened Uni, orange blossom water, grapefruit, dewy pine, salt spray and late evening bike rides.”

2013 ‘Sackcloth & Ashes’
39% Cab Sauv, 17% Cab Franc, 16% Petit Verdot, 14% Malbec, 7% Merlot, 7% Sangiovese
Growth and change seem to happen fastest when you leave behind your inhibitions and fit into a new whole the smaller moments of living that so often get overlooked. Sackcloth & Ashes has as its center the challenge of letting go of the what has been done in past and moving steadily into the unknown.

This is the memory of the abandoned abbey you discovered when in lithe summer nights, when you were young and alone. Crushed violet, ripped jeans, quarter sawn spruce, blueberry cake, warmed sage, buckwheat honey, anisette, chocolate brownie batter, ancient incense, cherry-skin cigar, palo santo smudge and sassafras bark.

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